Join us as we celebrate
Four Decades of Excellence

While we bring our latest range of processing equipment to light, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the processing requirements of a variety of industries over the years.

From helping global pharmaceutical giants to consumable goods manufacturers, artisanal cosmetic brands to leading chemical laboratories, we now enter a new phase in our journey.

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Designing, constructing and delivering state-of-the-art machines has been something we’ve been proud of since the early ‘80s. But as we plug in and make our presence felt in the digital space, feel free to ride alongside us.

Get in touch with us for enquiries, consultation and distribution. Explore the happenings at our manufacturing plant, follow our thoughts and ideas about the industry and much more.

Taking the past, present & future
into equal consideration

As a company, but more so as a family, we strive to be true to our roots, always ready to face our current challenges, while at the same time developing our technological and mechanical arsenal for days to come.

Our reputation of delivering solid, reliable machinery combined with our honest communication methods has got us to this position of passionately driving innovation in our processes as we enter the new industrial age.